Keeping the World  Serviced


Stator & Rotor Winding

We provide cost-effective stator and rotor winding services for manufacturers of electric motors and generators.

We have highly skilled staff in Finland and Estonia with a vast experience

from winding various types and sizes of stators and rotors with round and flat copper wire.

Stator impregnation services are also available with our vacuum impregnation equipment in Finland.

Material Purchasing

HTT-Group also provides component sourcing and purchasing services.

We purchase winding related components and materials from local as well as international suppliers.

Warehousing & Logistics

We provide experienced industry related warehousing and logistical services for the transportation

of specific materials within Finland and Estonia; and relying on our partners for global deliveries.


Subcontracting for

ABB Oy Motors and Generators, Finland.

HTT-Group provides stator and rotor winding services for ABB Oy Motors and Generators since the year 2000.


ABB Sp z.o.o, Poland.

We have been a stator winding subcontractor for ABB’s motor production plant in Poland since 2009, with numerous specifically targeted clientele and projects.